SEEMiS Granular Controls Changes

As has been previously communicated, the Glow team is working with SEEMiS to introduce functionality for local authorities to have more granular control over the creation and usage of Glow accounts.

Currently, controls within SEEMiS only allow for an opt-in or an opt-out of Glow on an establishment or whole authority basis. Following the release of this new functionality, currently scheduled for Thursday 28th April 2016, local authorities will have the opportunity to opt-out or opt-in of Glow on an individual basis. For example, local authorities will now be able to act upon the request from a parent to withdraw consent for their child’s data to be passed to Glow or take action when a staff member indicates that they do not wish to be provisioned with a Glow account.

Should users wish to be opted out, local authority/school administrators will need to take an active decision to prevent data being passed from SEEMiS to Glow. Similarly when new staff and pupils are added to SEEMiS there will be the opportunity to decide whether or not those users should automatically be provisioned with Glow accounts. The default is that new users will be opted-in, however their school and local authority are also required to be opted-in for a new account to be created in Glow.

Additionally, when pupils are transferred between schools then their opt-out or opt-in choice from the original school will be transferred over to the new school, however the data will only be passed to Glow if the new school and local authority have opted-in.

Once this update has been released, data will be passed from SEEMiS to Glow only when the local authority, the school and the individual user have opted-in within SEEMiS.

The Glow team will produce more detailed guidance in regard to the above and how it ties in with the data deletion project, this will be available in May, prior to any data being deleted.

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