Blogs – July 2016 Release – Tuesday 19th July, 2016 – 16:00

As per our previous updates, the next release of Glow Blogs is on schedule and is planned for Tuesday 19th of July.

The release will take place between 16:00 – 17:00. As usual we expect downtime to be very short but, as a precaution, we would advise that you avoid making changes during this time.

 It will consist of:

  • Removal of 4 Woo themes.
  • Upgrading of WordPress to 4.5
  • Events Plugin, this will allow the creation of ‘events’ in addition to posts and pages and have calendar views of these events. See Event Organiser — WordPress Plugins.
  • Addition of TwentySixteen Theme (the default for new blogs will continue to be TwentyFourteen)
  • Embed of Google Calendars
  • Embed of Scratch Projects
  • Addition of .dot and .otf files to the permitted file types for upload.
  • New Blogs Landing Page
  • Follow blogs from the My Sites page
  • Enhancement of ‘Remove me from this blog’ to avoid accidental removal.
  • Additional Language packs for Blogs dashboard. This means that users can set the language they wish to use in the blog administration.

 Help for all of these features will appear soon on the Help blog here –


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