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The following communication was sent out via email before Christmas. We would encourage wider circulation of this message so that users can consider alternatives and not invest their time and effort in creating new wikis in light of the below.
Many thanks.

“We would like to advise Glow users that the Glow Wikis service, provided by Wikispaces, will no longer be offered from October 2017. After a detailed review of the service, it was found that usage of Glow Wikis was very low across all Local Authorities over the last two years. A decision has therefore been made to discontinue this service as it does not provide value for money.

We understand that this will impact existing Wiki users, however alternatives exist within Glow to which existing Wikis content could be migrated. These include Glow Blogs and, within O365, other wiki and blog type applications which offer similar functionality whilst still enabling collaboration between Glow users for learning and teaching. There will, unfortunately, be no automated transfer from Glow Wikis to these services, however it is possible for users to manually transfer content. Guidance will be issued soon that will help users with this process and it will aim to make this as easy as possible.
At this stage, we therefore encourage Glow users to consider using these alternative services before creating a new wiki within Glow Wikis to avoid migration effort in the future.

While this news may be disappointing to some, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure Glow users of our continued commitment to Glow. A decision such as this has only been made after a thorough consideration of usage, costs and alternative functionality.

Please get in touch with Education Scotland if you have any queries or require support with Wiki data migration.”

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