Blogs Release – Wednesday 7th June, 2017

There will be a new release on the Glow Blogs Service on Wednesday 07th June 2017 between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm.  We expect that the service will be unavailable for only a few minutes but should be considered at risk for the whole period.

Following are the main components of the release in addition to bug fixes and routine backend maintenance work.

  1. ePortfolios – Ability for teachers to bulk create ePortfolios.
  2. ePortfolios – Ability for LAs to Determine Default Profile Tags at Network Admin Level
  3. Auditing – Addition of wp_stream plugin that will audit various activities on blogs.
  4. Addition of MakePlus plugin that accompanies the Make theme
  5. Ability to embed files
  6. Ability to use embed codes and short codes in widgets (this will include YouTube videos)

 Help will be added for this change in the Glow Blogs Help blog once the functionality is live.

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