Glow Guest & Partner Accounts

Access to Glow requires a username and password. You cannot get in without this.

If you work within a school, local authority, college or university of faculty of education then it is your own establishment that can create accounts for you. For further information for each of these, click here

However it may be that you are a partner to Scottish Education, for example you may work for a charity that supports the education of 3 – 18 year olds, you may work for a theatre who delivers education programmes to 3 – 18 year olds or another company supporting pupils in their education. We are keen to ensure that these partners have access to Glow if it is required, to ensure their valued contributions can take place there also.

If you are a partner to a specific local authority then you should speak to them, if however you work across Scotland then Education Scotland may be able to provide you with partner or guest access to Glow. These accounts will provide you with full access to Glow for named individuals, each of whom must complete the attached 2 forms (all individuals must have at least Basic Disclosure (see here for external link with more information)).

Glow Partner & Guest Account Application Form

Glow Terms of Use

Once completed, send the forms to your Education Scotland contact, if you do not have one then please email

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