glowfadedWhat is Glow?

Glow is Scotland’s national online environment for learning.  Glow helps learners to achieve their full potential by unlocking the benefits of the internet and can be accessed from anywhere at any time by learners and teachers. Glow enables collaborative and social learning in a trusted space. Through a single log-on users can:

  • Create learning experiences using a range of online resources for learning
  • Share and Collaborate with other members of the Glow online learning community
  • Innovate to create new learning opportunities

What is Glow Connect?

Glow Connect is the information portal for Glow – a space for providing updates on the development and enhancement of the service and for sharing how teachers are using Glow.  Most importantly, we hope to encourage more teachers and learners to ‘give Glow a go’ and have a look for themselves at what is on offer. Glow Connect is updated and maintained by the Glow Programme team from Scottish Government and Education Scotland.

Is this for me?

Glow Connect is all about teaching and learning – it is a signpost to Glow.  If you are using Glow, have used Glow in the past or are wondering what Glow’s all about, this site will be relevant and useful.  If you have any comments, please let us know.

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