Glow policy documents

There are a number of documents available here that will be of interest to various people depending on their roles

Technical Specifications

There is information available about what the technical requirements of Glow are. Full details are available from within Glow here.

Glow Position Statement

The Scottish Government’s vision for a world-class education system is firmly based on the successful implementation of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Digital and other technologies play an important role in enabling this. The Glow platform is a nationally available digital service that is fundamental to supporting delivery of this vision.

A position statement has been produced that sets out the purpose of the Glow service and its key place in supporting learning and teaching in Scotland.

pdficon Glow Position Statement – 23 September 2014


The vision is one where: “Scotland’s educators, learners and parents take full advantage of the benefits offered by digital technology in order to raise attainment, ambition and opportunities for all”


The vision is under-pinned by a number of specific objectives:

  • A change in the culture of the use of digital technologies;
  • Improved confidence in the use of digital technologies by learners, teachers, school leaders and parents;
  • The promotion of new pedagogies;
  • Increased and strengthened parental engagement; and
  • Provision of the best possible support for hardware and associated ICT infrastructure.


Companies offering free apps to Glow users via RM Unify app library

One of the features of RM Unify is the ‘App Library’ which provides the establishments that use Glow with the ability to add free or paid Apps to their launch pad. We have received offers from private companies to provide free apps to Glow users via this apps library.

Approval process

The Scottish Government requires approval of all Apps that are to be made available to establishments via the Apps Library. The process for approval is outlined in the document below:

pdficonGlow Apps approval process


Commercial logos and branding on Glow Connect- policy statement

pdficonInclusion of Commercial Material on Glow Connect – Policy Statement (2)


Capability Statements

Capability statements have been produced for Glow services. These statements outline the capabilities of each service. Currently, statements are available for the services below. Others are in development.

Glow Meet Service

pdficonCapability Statement for Broadcast Service


Glow Blogs Service

pdficonCapability Statement for Blogs Service


Online Productivity Suite (currently Microsoft Office 365)

pdficonCapability Statement for Online Productivity Suite


Glow Wikis Service

pdficonCapability Statement for Wikis Service


Privacy Impact Assessment

The Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) assesses the privacy implications associated with the use of Glow.  This assessment aims to inform parents, guardians and teaching staff of privacy implications that exist with the use of Glow.

pdficonGlow Privacy Impact Assessment

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