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We have a number of  different areas of support for Glow:

helphublinksitesGlow Help Hub this is where users can find out more detail about the services and tools offered on Glow, policies and guidance and how the Glow service can provide benefits for learners and teachers. You will also find links to other sources of help, both inside and outside of Glow itself. 


gallerylinksitesGlow Gallery – Glow provides a range of tools, resources and services.  Here we showcase how Glow is being used in schools to provide ideas and inspiration.  We are actively looking for more examples of how schools are using the features in Glow, please get in touch if you would like to see your school added to the gallery.



Glow Community- this is where users can connect with other Glow users. Here you will find a discussion forum for each of the Glow services. (Glow login required) The site features active discussions and has lots of video content and help documents for Glow Office 365.



NDLC  this is the National Digital Learning Community site. The NDLC is a place for educators to discuss and share ideas and activities around more general digital learning and teaching and not just Glow.




47 comments on “Help and Support
  1. GERALD COWAN says:

    Having gained access to my 365 e mail account yesterday, I have spent a longtime trying to log in to day and have now been locked out. Why is everything to do with Glow so difficlt and why have I just wasted so much of jmy precious time on this system?

    • glowscot says:

      Sorry to hear you have had difficulties logging in – today the old Glow Portal was switched off and new services introduced, therefore you may have experienced difficulties as a result of this change. You might like to try again next week when the transition will be complete.

    • S Shaw says:

      I seem to be permanently logged in to GLOW which I don’t believe is a good idea. How do we log out, please?

      • Tom Gregory says:

        To sign out of RM Unify, which will in turn sign you out of any other applications you have entered using your Glow authentication details, go to the launchpad and in the top right of the screen you will see your name. From the drop down menu available, choose “Sign Out”.

  2. Julie Johnston says:

    I have bought a new samsung tablet and wondered if I need microsoft office installed for this office 365 to work. I was told by some colleagues that I did not.Please can you help.

    • glowscot says:

      Hi Julie,

      Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Is it an Android tablet or Windows? There are differences with the apps that are available and how you can access the various bits of Office 365. Email should work fine on all devices so you will be able to set up your email to receive Glow O365 notifications.

      You can view documents on most tablets but tablets generally won’t allow you to edit the documents because we are using a free version of the Office 365 plan that doesn’t give full functionality of Office mobile.

      You can use certain aspects of Office 365 with your tablet: There is a OneNote app for most platforms and you can access a lot of Office 365 content via the browser on tablets, but this will vary across operating systems.

      It is also an ever-changing picture because newer apps and additional functionality become available quite regularly.

      This is something the team will be exploring further, now that the switchover has taken place. We are organising a workshop session in the coming weeks to get a definitive overview of mobile functionality on all platforms.

      We will provide further support and advice here as it becomes available as we are aware that this is a key issue.

  3. Andrew Bailey says:

    Are there any plans for CPD sessions to get school glow sites up and running in 365. Whilst there is plenty of documentation to view online I feel that some in person sessions would be most beneficial. The question for many school Glow co-ordinators is how to upskill to 365 and what is the best and simplest method to create a new school site, is it best to import old information from old glow or start again? Are there recommended templates or structures/heirarchies to sites that are helpful to begin with as with old Glow? Lots of questions but it’s difficult to know who to ask.

    • glowscot says:

      Hi Andrew and thanks for your comments. Now that we have switched over to the new services we are focusing our attention on engaging with users and providing support. We are working now to devise our plans for the coming months and early discussions indicate that those will involve face to face sessions with users.

      In the meantime, we are launching a series of web conference support sessions at the beginning of November via Glow TV, which will be followed up by/supported by Facebook Q+A sessions on the same days.

      These will be advertised early next week here on Glow Connect, so keep visiting the site or follow it to receive updates via email.

      Thanks a lot

  4. Paul Nisbet says:

    Good afternoon
    A colleague today said that files that have any personal information about learners cannot be uploaded to OneDrive due to PSN security restrictions. Is this true? I’m sure it can’t be because otherwise how can teachers share materials with learners?

  5. Gavin Boyle says:

    How do I log-in to glow/reset my password? The reset password link doeswn’t work and/or doesn’t send a password email to my address. E-mail reply would be appreciated, I doubt I’ll find this page again…

  6. Hello. I have been trying to login and it has been saying wrong password and username when I can’t see anything wrong with them. I got the password today and it worked fine and I logged out when I left but now it won’t accept me.

    • glowscot says:

      Hi Abby

      Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry you’ve been having difficulties. Can I direct you to the updated login help procedure. If you continue to have problems, please let us know.

      Glow Team

  7. A Farmer says:

    How do I set up a GLOW meet between myself and another school within my local authority?

  8. Hi, I am currently receiving the following error message once I have logged in to Glow and moved from the ‘My Profile’ page: Something has gone wrong. If this keeps happening, please contact support with the following, and how to re-create it:

    Code: 22-1424682544

    • glowscot says:

      Thanks for your comment, we are looking into the error message. Are you still having this problem?

      Glow Team

    • glowscot says:

      Your issue has been reported and we’ll need some more information in order to help you. The best way to do this is to email your local Glow key contact with the following information: Your GlowID; your browser type and version number; the URL where you get the error and a screen shot of the error. Your key contact will then log a call with RM to investigate further for you. A list of local contacts can be found here.
      Sorry you have experienced difficulties.
      Hope this helps, many thanks
      Glow Team

  9. Hi. I am the key Glow contact for my school and one of our members of staff is continually getting the floowing error message when logging in to the blog:

    Code: 26-1425233586

    She can access her email and other Glow applications without issue.

    Who do I contact to get assistance for this?


  10. David Tyson says:

    Hello – could I please ask if there is a problem with accessing GLOW Blogs at the moment. On Friday and again today when trying to access any school blog via the GLOW Blogs Dumfries and Galloway tile on the Launchpad the webpage does not open. Wondering if this is a national issue or a D&G one.
    Thank you.

    • Hi David,
      I am sorry for not catching this comment earlier. Are you still having problems. We have had the odd short outage but only of a few minutes each. Best to report problems like this to RM through your local key contact. I’ll drop you an email too.

  11. Ida McVarish says:


    For some reason I am having problems with my e-mails. I have been regstering to multiple collage websites so that I can apply to go to collage, but I always encounter a problem: I am not receiving verification e-mails. At first I thought this might be a problem with just various websites so I tried to create a youtube account, which would send my e-mail a verification e-mail. Again, I have no recieved this.

    As well as that I have also e-mailed the SQA for results and stuff to send to collages but again, no e-mails. Above all this I am participating in various projects which I recieve regular e-mails from. again, these e-mails have ceased.

    I know there is no error in the e-mail address I am giving out because that is what I first thought might have been wrong, but no. I have just now gotten into habit of copying and pasting my e-mail address from outlook itself so no errors can be made there.

    Can you please try fix this problem asap as the collage courses I am looking to get into are filling up quickly and I cannot afford to take a gap year simply because my e-mail is not working.

    Also do you know if e-mails I should have recieved will be recieved after this problem is fixed or will they remain lost forever?

    Ida McVarish

    • Tom Gregory says:

      Sorry to hear you are having these problems. Please can you report this locally (this is likely to be to your teacher or someone else locally who will know how to log a call for this). This would need to be reported to the RM Glow helpdesk to allow them to investigate but this needs to come from your LA helpdesk.

  12. Angela Taylor says:

    Could you tell me how to change my glow log in name please?

    • Tom Gregory says:

      You would need to ask your local administrator to do that, this functionality is restricted and only those people can do this. Each site has at least one administrator associated with it but it will vary across Scotland who your administrator is – it may be someone in your school or someone at the local authority – ask your local Glow contact.

  13. I’m having problems accessing office 365. I can access all other areas in Glow but office 365 is a problem. I keep getting a message that internet explorer has stopped working with the option of closing the programme or debug. Is there an issue with office 365?

    • Tom Gregory says:

      There are no issues known about that would cause this

      The best approach would be to get a call raised with the national helpdesk to check there are no issues with your account, this needs to be done either through your teacher (if you are a pupil) or if you are a teacher through your local helpdesk who in turn can raise a call with the RM National Helpdesk

  14. Emma Calderwood says:

    I changed LA just over a year ago. My GLOW account has registered the new authority that I am working in, however the e-mail address still has the handle of my old authority ( Is there any way this can be changed? It is very confusing for pupils.

    Many thanks.

    • Tom Gregory says:

      This is sorted via the national helpdesk – you would need to raise a call locally who in turn can go the national helpdesk, see the “how do i get a log in” page on this site (links at the top) for the relevant details for your LA

  15. Katy says:

    I have a question about the glow site for school. I was given an account by the school for Glow and I have now left school and we are now in the summer holidays. I used Glow for my Higher Photography course and there are photos saved onto my OneDrive that I’m going to need for college. Neither myself or my teacher can access my account. Is there please anyway I can get in?

  16. Tom Gregory says:

    Accounts are automatically deleted when users leave school. It would however be possible, i would expect, to get your access reinstated but this would require a helpdesk call to be made to the national helpdesk.
    If your teacher speaks to their local authority key contact (look at the “how do i get a login” page on this site) to take this forward

  17. Dr Monaghan says:

    I am trying to share a folder I have on OneDrive with teachers in other schools. I have their school email addresses but when I type them in I get an error message saying that I cannot share with external users. How do I get round that please? Are there Glow versions of their emails??


    • glowscot says:

      So sorry for the delay in replying to you, this service has not been operating at full capacity due to holidays. Do you still require help? If so, please let me know and I will direct your query.
      Many thanks
      Glow Team

  18. Kenny Gray says:

    Help! Various people have being trying to help me get the survey app to output data, without success. This has been going on for over a year now and while it seems to output ok at GLOW it does not work in school or at my home. Does anyone know how the survey app is meant to work? James Davidson has been very helpful but now his email seems to have disappeared from my GLOW contacts list. I’m just about ready to give up on this.

    • glowscot says:

      Hi Kenny
      Thanks for your comment, sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. It would be very helpful if you could send us a link to the survey app and we’ll look into it. I can confirm that James Davidson has now left the team.
      Many thanks
      Glow Team

    • Tom Gregory says:

      Hi Kenny

      The exporting of a survey will, as i understand it, only work in Internet Explorer due to the use of an ActiveX control. Does this tie in with your experiences?

      Can i suggest that you raise this query in the Glow Help Community as we will be able to help further and you will also be able to get help from others in the community – you can find this here –

  19. Jennifer says:


    I am trying to use Glow to store my teaching materials, having previously used Google Drive, but now being advised by my authority that they’d prefer Glow. So far, in OneDrive I can’t figure out how to upload folders. I spent far too long the other day having to upload dozens of files individually! Secondly, I often scan paper materials and upload (previously to Google Drive) – very quick and easy. Now, when I attempt to log into OneDrive from either the ScannerPro app or Microsoft’s OfficeLens app on my iPhone I’m told that my Glow account doesn’t exist. I’m guessing our Office 365 service doesn’t support these apps? In which case, why would I use Glow?!? I’m really trying . . . but it’s not easy!

    • glowscot says:

      Hi Jennifer
      Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties. We will look into the situation and pass on your query to a member of the Glow team to get back to you.
      Glow Team

  20. Kenny Gray says:

    Hi Tom

    I’ll do as you suggest!
    Unfortunately, exporting data worked originally on IE and Chrome, the stopped, on both, and so on. Browser doesn ‘t seem to make a difference, although I will now try Firefox…

  21. Jim says:

    Ok, Is there a Idiot’s guide to using glow and 365 as I find it very difficult to use and navigate around

  22. beverley Jessiman says:

    I,am looking to set up a GLOW group. How do I go about this?

  23. Neil says:

    The Onedrive for business app has stopped synchronising my glow onedrive folder to my home pc. After days of frustration trying to get this working and a lot of help from Microsoft it seems the problem may be with Glow. I run Office 2016 on a windows 10 pc and have installed the relevant 2016 edition of onedrive for business. Can anyone help.

  24. tom gregory says:

    Please post all help requests in the Glow Help Community to ensure you get answers you can find it here:

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